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Version 0.8.8 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 11 months ago

    Hi everyone! We have been hard at work with implementing collaboration features, hence the scarce updates. However we managed to do some improvements to export and some bug fixes: 


    • Export: Simplified the exported JSON file and removed some duplicated entries.
    • Multiple tabs syncing: If the application is open in multiple tabs, changing content in a tab should now correctly update the project (plus mobile devices, tablets, etc).

    Bug fixes:

    • Can now deselect/select notes with shift + click
    • Fixed a bug where some times shift-deselecting an element would corrupt the clipboard data
    • Application now correctly saves on paste
    • Logging out from one tab now succesfully logs out from all other open tabs
    • Panning, Zooming and reordering component attributes now triggers a project save

    Thanks for your patience everyone! An "iconic" update will soon follow :) Stay put for a teaser  in our facebook and twitter

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