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Version 0.8.5 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    Hi everyone! Our latest update introduces some new features and addresses a few interface bugs.


    New features:

    • Text editing WYSIWYG toolbar: Bold, Italic and Underline styles can now be added inside elements and notes from the floating toolbar.
    • Links inside elements and notes: Can now add links to elements and notes.
    • Introduced the Workspace Toolbar: New elements can now be dragged and dropped from the toolbar directly to the workspace (previously could only add new element with double click)
    • Added Notes: Can now drag and drop notes inside the workspace. Notes do not have a title, can be used to add supplementary content to a project and have a different visual style from the elements. Mentions and links can be used inside notes as well.

    UI improvements:

    • Project toolbar: Introduced top toolbar for project title / board name and in the future notifications, collaborator thumbs and other project wide settings.
    • Faster access to to project list: Moved access to the project list from the project toolbar (previously could only be accessed from the user dropdown menu)
    • Help section: Added help section and moved all help oriented actions there (shortcuts, forums, feedback,discord) 
    • Improved mentions dropdown: Mentions dropdown has now a separate section for components and boards (previously they were displayed mixed)
    • Resizable sidebar
    • Increased max zoom out to 15%: Previously was up to 25%
    • Enter when editing component title: Pressing enter when editing component title will now register the title update
    • Various style fixes

    Bug fixes:

    • Ctr+A no longer selects text alongside elements and connections
    • Duplicating a component will now duplicate attached image instead of referencing the same image asset
    • Moving an element does not move other selected elements any more
    • Logging in takes user to the last opened project he owns (previously would open the last project visited, even as a guest) 
    • Fixed a right mouse button drag issue
    • Undo list gets cleared every time active project is changed
    • Component scrollbar will no longer close the modal overlay when clicked


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