Version 0.8.0 update

  • Manos Kalaitzoglou 2 years ago

    Hi Everyone! This is primarily a housekeeping and compatibility update: 

    • Firefox 100% support: FF users rejoice! Some glitches might still exist here and there but for the most part Arcweave should be now performing in Firefox similar to Chrome.
    • Copy/paste mentions inside elements: Elements now support copying/pasting mentions.  
    • More backups: We are now taking backups 4 times per day instead of 1 
    • Fit selection to screen: Pressing f will now fit the window around selected elements. If no elements are selected it will try to fit the entire board content.  
    • Logout users when updating:  We now make sure that while we are doing a maintenance update users that are currently working on the app will be automatically logged out, so no user data loss happens. 
    • Added Discord channel: Come say hi and talk on any issues or suggestions you may have at https://discord.gg/atVXxAK
    • Bug fixes:
      • Uploading png images to components will no longer show the icon behind the image in the componenent view and the thumb view
      • Cannot drag anymore component thumb from outside its perimeter
      • Reduced delay when deleting a project
      • Fixed forum pagination styling