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    Benny 2 years ago

    Hi everyone

    Currently, my team uses arcweave to line out general quest structures and show, what will happen according to what the player does. This means, one element is most likely to also contain dialog. Currently i advise my team to just line out the general quest flow, but sometimes the designers already have an idea for the dialog that may occur. So i thought it would be nice to allow „Sub-Flowcharts“. Nothing to complex, just like: you click a button in an element and are redirected to a new flowchart where you could then add some dialog.

    I think it would be better to not show these subflowcharts on the overview on the left, because it could become quite crowded, but in general i think it would be a nice to have.

    Have a nice one


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    Panayotis Kalaitzoglou 2 years ago

    In the current version of the tool you may either

    a) drag & drop one board onto an element and you create a link (shown in the element's title bar) between the element and the board

    b) create one or more mentions (using the @ symbol) in the text to link to boards

    These two options should cover your case, but if they do not please write down more details on your specific use-case and requirements.

    Also in the current version you may create folders to arrange the boards and collapse-expand the boards you want to see. In the future we are planning to put search or filter options on the sidebar (for both components & boards).

    Thank you for your comments,

    Panos - Arcweave team