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Offline or Desktop Version

Feature Requests & Suggestions
  • Billy Attaway 1 year ago

    Being able to work on a project without requiring an internet connection has a lot of advantages.
    Possibly syncing with the server like Evernote or Notion.

    If it could work on Mac instead or as well as Windows that’d be amazing.

  • PK
    Panayotis Kalaitzoglou 1 year ago

    This is also been requested by other members as well, however it could have many intricacies and prove challenging to implement properly. Do you suggest it primarily as a web connectivity issue or as a data security concern?

    Arcweave Development Team

  • Billy Attaway 1 year ago

    The main reason I'd like an offline version to be able to work in areas without internet connection. And also, be able to work even when Arcweave web services are down. 

    I really like the way the Notion does it

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