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  • BA
    Billy 4 months ago

    It'd save a lot of time and also make it easier maintaining a large number of components & their properties if it were possible to apply templates that are updatable from a single location.

    I do think there's room for improvement on Articy:Draft, but it's a good example of this sort of setup. Using that sort of template system along with Arcweave's UI/UX design would be great.

  • PK
    Panayotis 4 months ago

    Templating the components is a very powerful feature that we will definitely address, since it could prove invaluable when the component database gets big enough and complicated.


    Arcweave Development Team  

  • BA
    Billy 4 months ago

    Ok cool, yeah I'm only using Arcweave right now for the basics because if I added all the data I have already, it'd become way too much to handle in Arcweave.

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